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HBG Services

Brand Marketing & Budget

  • Help understand the importance of branding in a competitive market
  • Determine the right budget for your business
  • Categorize your budget into the following divisions:
    • In-house, Events / Festivals / Anniversaries, Promotional
  • Assist in organizing a quarterly ordering schedule

Sourcing the Right Products

  • Present a complete overview of available products that fits your brand
  • Identify your demographic and what sells
  • Constantly source the latest trends / new releases
  • Offer seasonal products based around colors, styles and popular holidays

Merch / Apparel Display

  • Evaluate existing and potential merch areas
  • Ensure products are accessible to customers for more optimal engagement
  • Incorporate POS positioning located near registers

Design Services Available

  • Existing Brand Development & New Campaign Designs
    • Product mockups are provided when working with existing brand designs
    • Our design team offers new design services at a nominal hourly rate
  • List of Design Services
    • Logo / Brand Design & Development
    • Apparel & Merch Design
    • Product Packaging Design
      • Bottles, Cans, Growlers, Crowlers, etc.
    • Printed Branding Essentials
      • Keg Collars & Wraps, Coasters, Stickers, etc.