Who is Hoppy Beer Gear?

Hoppy Beer Gear, Inc. is a San Diego-based merchandise and branding company focused on developing effective, high quality merch and apparel that is tailored to your brand. With an emphasis on personable customer service, our goal is to build a long-lasting partnership that contributes to achieving your company’s full branding potential.

Whether you’re a start-up looking to develop your brand or a seasoned veteran ready to increase your brand awareness, Hoppy Beer Gear is ready to help expand your company’s merchandise and branding efforts. Our hoppy clients can be found throughout the United States in a variety of industries including but limited to:

• Craft Beer
• Cider, Mead & Spirits
• Bar, Restaurant & Food
• Music Events & Bands
• Cannabis Dispensaries
• Non-Profits & Charities

How Can We Help?

Brand Marketing & Budget

  • Help understand the importance of branding in a competitive market
  • Determine the right budget for your business
  • Categorize your budget into the following divisions:
    • In-house, Events / Festivals / Anniversaries, Promotional
  • Assist in organizing a quarterly ordering schedule

Sourcing the Right Products

  • Present a complete overview of available products that fits your brand
  • Identify your demographic and what sells
  • Constantly source the latest trends / new releases
  • Offer seasonal products based around colors, styles and popular holidays

Merch / Apparel Display

  • Evaluate existing and potential merch areas
  • Ensure products are accessible to customers for more optimal engagement
  • Incorporate POS positioning located near registers

Meet The HBG Crew

Joey Hanna
Joey HannaBoss Lady
  • Hoppy Beer Gear Owner / Founder

  • Merchandise & Branding Advisor

    • Pink Boots Society
Dustin Van Duzee
Dustin Van DuzeeDesign Honcho
Matt Hanna
Matt HannaLogistics Liaison
  • Hoppy Beer Gear Deliverer of Goods

  • 30+ Year Home Brewer & QUAFF Member

Sophie Marie
Sophie MarieBrew Pup
  • Hoppy Beer Gear MVP

  • Lover of Humans

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